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Kurs dla studentów wszystkich roczników sem, I,II,III,IV,V,VI


In the microeconomics section of this course, students will become acquainted with the fundamental concepts of economic analysis. They will be able to analyse factors that influence various markets of goods, services and production factors, explain the impact of government intervention on these markets, and understand the behaviour of companies operating in different competitive environments.

In the macroeconomics section of this course, the students will become acquainted with the economic analysis of phenomena affecting the national economy. The topics covered by the course include the national output, the macroeconomic equilibrium between aggregate demand and supply, government economic policies, unemployment, inflation, international trade and exchange rate systems..

The lecture aims to present today's world as a system of interlocking processes (ie. social, economic, political) leading us to a single place ("globality"). As a result, almost everything is happening "here and there" at the same time and impacts live, economy and politics, which drives us from locality to globality. The course consists of a theoretical part referring to definitions, approaches and drivers of "globalisation" and a more case-to-case analysis of its components and consequences for mobilities such as international tourism.