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The goal of this course is making students more familiar with the topic of communication in international environment, with a special focus on cultural diversity and benefits following intercultural understanding. Students will acquire skills related to identifying cultural differences, as well as similarities, and functioning in international environment, including possibilities of communicating in diverse ways with partners representing different cultures.


  • Culture - theoretical basis: concept, essence, entities;

  • Communication - specificity of the process;

  • History and development of intercultural communication;

  • Models of communication;

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication;

  • Social aspect of communication;

  • Barriers in intercultural communication such as: stereotypes, misinterpretation, cultural differences;

  • The idea of culture shock;

  • Rules of effective communication and persuasion;

  • Facilitating intercultural communication;

  • Effective negotiation process

  • Basic rules of diplomatic protocol

Guidelines for writing MA Thesis

The program of the course:
1.International tourism on global, regional and national level
2.Economic impact of tourism
3.International tourist transportation biznes
4.International hotel business
5.International tour operators business
6.International travel agencies business